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Whether roller blind, shutter, awning or pleated blind - a sunscreen makes you feel comfortable!

Interior Venetian blinds
Aluminium, Wood, Bamboo
Roller blinds and Roman blinds
Roller blind, Nano blind, Photo blind
Pleated blind made to measure
VS1, VS2, F1, FK and Plafond
Skylight roller blinds
For Velux and Roto windows
Awnings made to measure
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Vertical blinds
Slat system, photo print slats
Exterior blinds
Exterior aluminium Venetian blinds
Roller shutter made to measure
Shutter, curtains and accessoires
Panel curtain
Freely movable panels
Photo prints
Roller blind, posters, slat
Lateral shading
Side roller blind, Balcony covering
Roller blinds, doors, window well
Conservatory shading
Interior and exterior
Carport or terrace
Spares / accessoires
Venetian blind, roller blind, awning, etc.
Standard sizes
Venetian blinds, roller blinds, slats

Roller Blind Choices for Your Home

One of the most popular types of customized window treatments are roller blinds. In order to fit in with any decor, these blinds come in many different types of fabrics and in almost any color to match your home’s decorative scheme. They also come in several different styles that will fit in with any interior design style, whether it is contemporary or something a little more retro.

Roller Blind Styles

There are varies of roller blind styles to find in with your home’s decor. You can choose from blinds made to allow some light into a room or blinds made with fabrics to help completely block out the sun and keep the room darkened. For people who work at night and sleep during the day, this keeps their sleep from being disrupted.

Most roller blinds are operated with a chain hoist located on either side of the blind or there are blinds that use a cassette that you can operate by hand to move the blind up or down. Cassette blinds roll into a cylinder instead of folding up like many roller blinds and they are good for using in places where a chain hoist can get in the way or be dangerous, such as near a baby’s crib in the nursery.

You have a choice between ordering roman style roller blinds, blinds with pleats in them or flat surface blinds that fit tight to your window. While roller blinds have a modern look, you can get colors and patterns that will fit in with any design style you use, even if you it Victorian, retro or ultramodern.

These blinds can be customized to fit any type or size of window and they can either be mounted on the inside of a window frame or on the outside of a window frame. Mounting a roller blind inside of the frame works well for skylight windows and for windows situated between walls that do not allow room for mounting a window treatment on the outside of the frame.

Ordering Roller Blinds

It is easy to order customized roller blinds for any window of your home, you just need to decide how you want them to be mounted, decide on the style and measure your windows. It is important to make accurate measurements because the blinds are customize fit. You can order your blinds online in any size, color and style that you prefer.